Bioanalytical Instruments is a sale and service representative for several analytical and scientific instruments manufacturers, for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean area. 

We offer a variety of technical services to the instruments we represent and sell, such as: 

Service Brochure

Installation Qualification (IQ)

Documented verification that the equipment is installed to manufacturer's specifications and/or user requirements.

Operation Qualification (OQ)

Documented verification that equipment (as installed) operates as intended according to manufacturer's specifications.


Operational tests are performed after a corrective maintenance service, any other significant change to the instrument or equipment move of location. Depending on the type of repair/change, a full or partial OQ may be required.

Preventive Maintenance

lt is regularly performed while the equipment is operating normally to reduce the likelihood of failure to avoid unexpected breakdowns and increased costs or downtime. A typical PM procedure includes inspection, cleanup, replacement of worn parts, tuning, etc. The standard set of procedures is intended to ensure instrument performance is at or near the same levels achieved at the time of installation.


A periodic verification of the equipment to review that results are accurate within specified limits, compared to traceable standards of measurement. Adjustments are made and documented if required. The procedure is performed using the associated SOP and with calibrated tools and standards with NIST traceability.

Temperature Mapping

Provides data measured at different temperatures and locations, door opening recovery tests, backup system testing, and a variety of checkpoints, best suited for cold storage and incubation equipment.

Service Contracts (Agreements)

We offer to our customers, service contracts (agreements) to ensure the optimal operation condition of their instruments, after the instrument’s one year warranty expiration. These contracts include: 

N.I.S.T. Traceability

All of our test instruments and standards used for calibrations are N.I.S.T. traceable and the documentation is available to our customers upon request. 

Our Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.’s) documentation for maintenance and calibration is also available.

ISO Certification

As a manufacturer representative, each of our Technical Field Service Representatives, is factory trained following ISO 9001 guidance on the professional repair, service, maintenance, and calibration of the instruments we sell. Our represented manufacturers own ISO 9001 accreditation and issue factory qualification certificates, to each of our trained Technical Field Service Representative, providing ISO 9001 traceability to all of our professional service jobs.

As an example, and for your reference, enclosed you can find some of the ISO 9001 Certifications of our represented manufacturers:


Also for your reference, you can find under our “About Us” page: “Certifications as Approved Vendor”, a partial list of ISO Certified Customers who have audited Bioanalytical Instruments and have approved us as their sales and service provider.

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