Bioanalytical Instruments sells and services a great variety of products manufactured by the companies that we represent. 

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Antibody & Protein Labeling Kits – 
Life Technologies
AcroMetrix Standards and Controls – Life Technologies
Air Pollution Monitoring Systems – TAPI
Alexa Fluor Dyes – Life Technologies
Ammonia Monitor on line – Thermo Orion
Ammonia Detection – Thermo Orion
Analytical Balance – Ohaus
Animal Health Dx Reagents – Life Technologies
Atomic Absorption – Buck Scientific
Atomic Absorption – Thermo Elemental
Automated Liquid Handling Units – Thermo MIB
Automated Liquid Handling Units – Beckman Coulter
Auto Sampler for Tablet Dissolution – Hanson Research




Biological Safety Cabinets – 
The Baker Company
Biological Safety Cabinets and Clean Benches – Thermo Scientific
Blood Bank Centrifuges – Beckman Coulter
Blood Bank / Process Storage – Thermo Forma
Bioproduction – Life Technologies
Bomb Calorimeters – Parr Instruments Company




Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) PA-800 – 
Beckman Coulter, (Sciex)
Calcium Detection – Thermo Orion
Centrifuges (Table Top & High Speed) – Beckman Coulter
Centrifuges – LabNet
Centrifuges (Table Top & High Speed) – Thermo Scientific
Cell Viability – Beckman Coulter
Cell Viability & Function Assays – Life Technologies
Cell Stains – Life Technologies
Cellular Analysis – Life Technologies
Cell Culture Media – Life Technologies
*Mammalian Cell Culture – Life Technologies
*Primary Cell Culture – Life Technologies
*Stem Cell Culture – Life Technologies
Cellular & Stem Cell Production – Life Technologies
Chloride Monitor On Line – Thermo Orion
Chloride Detection – Thermo Orion
Clean Rooms – Air Clean
Cloning/Synthetic Biology – Life Technologies
Chlorine Detection – Thermo Orion
Circulator Water Bath – Thermo Presicion
Colorimeter – Thermo Orion
Conductivity Meter – Thermo Orion
Conductivity Measurement – Thermo Orion
Ammonia Measurement – Thermo Orion
Cryogenics – Thermo Barnstead
Cryopreservation – Thermo Forma
Cytogenetics – Life Technologies




DNA / RNA Purification Reagents – 
Life Technologies
DNA / RNA Purification Instruments – Thermo MIB
DNA / RNA Purification Instruments – Life Technologies
Density Meter – Rudolph Research
Diagnostic & Clinical Research Products – Life Technologies
Dispensers / Disolutor – Thermo MIB
Disposable Plasticware – Thermo LCP
Dissolution Bath – Hanson Research
Dissolved Oxygen Meter – Thermo Orion
Dissolved Oxygen Measurement – Thermo Orion
DNA / RNA Sequencing – Life Technologies
*Sanger Sequencing (CE) – Life Technologies
**Next Generation Sequencing – Life Technologies
**Personal Genome Machine – Life Technologies




Electronic Balance – 
Elemental Analysis (CHNOPS) – Thermo Elemental
Environmental Chambers – Thermo Forma
Epigenetics Reagents – Life Technologies




Flow Cytometry – Life Technologies
Attune® NxT Acoustic Focusing Cytometer – Life Technologies
Fluoresence Imaging – 
Life Technologies
Fluoresence Microscopy –
Fluoride Detection –
 Thermo Orion
Food Pathogen Detection –
 Life Technologies
Flame Photometer – 
Buck Scientific
Flash Gas Chromatography – 
Thermo Scientific
Fluoride Monitor On Line – 
Thermo Orion
Fluorometer – Thermo Scientific

Forensic Containment – Air Clean

Fume Hoods – Air Clean
*Ductless – 
Air Clean
*Classroom Demonstration – 
Air Clean
*Total Exhaust – 
Air Clean
Fume Hoods – 
The Baker Company
Furnaces – Thermo Barnstead




Gas Chromatography (GC) – 
Buck Scientific
Gas Chromatography (GC) – Thermo Scientific
GC – MS – Thermo Scientific
Gas Generator for TOC Analysis – Parker Balston
Gel Documentation Systems – DNR Bio-Imaging Systems
Gel Drying – Thermo Savant
Gel Electrophoresis – 
Gel Electrophoresis – Thermo Owl
* Vertical – Thermo Owl
* Horizontal – Thermo Owl
Gene Expression Reagents – Life Technologies
Genome Lab – Beckman Coulter
Genotyping & Genetic Profiling – Life Technologies
Gibco Cell Therapy Systems – Life Technologies




Headspace Analyzer – 
Teledyne Tekmar
High Capacity Centrifuges – Beckman Coulter
High Performance Centrifuges – Beckman Coulter
HPLC – Thermo Dionex
HPLC Columns – Hichrom
HPLC Columns – Thermo Dionex
Hollow Cathode Lamps – Heraeus
Hot Plate / Stirrer – Thermo Barnstead
Hydrocarbon Analyzer – Buck Scientific
Human Identification Instruments – Life Technologies
Human Identification Reagents – Life Technologies
* Paternity Testing – Life Technologies
* Forensic Case Work – Life Technologies




ICP – 
Thermo Elemental
ICP-MS – Thermo Elemental
ICP-OES – Thermo Elemental
Ion PGM DX – Thermofisher
Image Cytometry – 
Life Technologies
Incubators – Thermo Barnstead
Incubators – Thermo Forma
Incubators – LabNet
Incubator / Shaker – Thermo Barnstead
Infrared Spectrophotometer – Buck Scientific
Infrared Spectrophotometer – Thermo Nicolet
Ion Selective Electrodes – Thermo Orion



Kjeldahl Apparatus – 
Thermo Barnstead




Lab Consumables – 
Thermo Scientific
Lab Refrigerators and Freezers – Thermo Forma
Laboratory Automation – Rudolph Research
Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) – Life Technologies
Laminar Flow Clean Benches – The Baker Company
Laminar Flow Hoods – Air Clean
Liquid Handling Platforms – Thermo MIB
Liquid Handling Platforms – Beckman Coulter





Mechanical Balances – Ohaus
Media Prep Station – Hanson Research

Medical Containment –Air Clean 

Melting Point Apparatus – Thermo Barnstead
Mercury Analyzer – Buck Scientific
Microbial Identification System (MicroSEQ) – Life Technologies
Mini Spin Centrifuge – LabNet
Microcentrifuges – Beckman Coulter
Microplate Fluorometer – Thermo MIB
Microplate Readers – Thermo MIB
Microplate Washers – Thermo MIB
Microplate Dispensers – Thermo MIB
Microplate Luminometer – Thermo MIB
Microplate Shaker – Thermo MIB
Microplate UV / VIS – Thermo MIB
Microplate Multimode Readers – Thermo MIB
Microplate Incubators – Thermo MIB
Microscopes – National Optical
Microscopes – Swift Microscopes
Microscopes – Motic
MicroRNA – Life Technologies
Mixers, Shakers – Thermo Barnstead
Mixers, Shakers – LabNet
Moisture Balance – Ohaus
Molecular Biology Equipment – LabNet
Molecular Biology Equipment – Life Technologies
Molecular Biology Reagents – Life Technologies
Molecular Biology Buffers – Life Technologies




NanoDrop Spectrophotometers – 
Thermo Scientific
Nucleic Acid Purification – Life Technologies




Ovens – 
Thermo Barnstead
Ovens – Thermo Precision
Ovens – Thermo Heratherm
Ovens – Thermo Forma
Ovens – LabNet
On Line Monitor – Thermo Orion
* Sodium – Thermo Orion
* Fluoride – Thermo Orion
* Ammonia – Thermo Orion
* Calcium – Thermo Orion




PCR Machines – Life Technologies
PCR Hoods / Workstations – Air Clean
PCR Plastics – Life Technologies
PCR Reagents – Life Technologies
pH Meters – Beckman Coulter
pH Meters – Thermo Orion
Pipettes – Thermo LCP
Pipettes – LabNet
*Digital – Thermo LCP
*Multichannel – Thermo LCP
*Electronic – Thermo LCP
Protein Analysis (PA 800+) – Beckman Coulter, (Sciex)
Protein Expression Reagents – Life Technologies
Protein Extraction – Life Technologies
Protein Extraction, Automated – Thermo MIB
Protein Gel Staining – Life Technologies
Protein Standards and Ladders – Life Technologies
Polarimeters – Rudolph Research

Powder Containment – Air Clean

Powder Weighing Station – Air Clean

Power Supplies – Thermo Scientific
Power Supplies – LabNet
Purge and Trap Systems – Teledyne Tekmar
Pyrometers – Thermo Barnstead




RNAi – 
Life Technologies
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems – Thermo Barnstead
Real Time PCR Machines – Life Technologies
Real Time PCR Reagents – Life Technologies
Recorders – Thermo Barnstead
Refractometers – Rudolph Research
Refrigerator / Freezers – Thermo Barnstead
Rockers – LabNet
Rotators – LabNet




Saccharimeters – 
Rudolph Research
Shakers – LabNet
Silica Analyzer – Thermo Orion
Sodium Analayzer – Thermo Orion
SDS – PAGE – Life Technologies
Spectrophotometer Cells – Hellma
SpeedVac Concentration System – Thermo Savant
Spectrophotometer – Thermo Scientific
Spectrophotometer – Beckman Coulter
Spectroscopy Accessories – Buck Scientific
Sterilizer – Thermo Barnstead
Stirred Reactors – Parr Instruments Company
SNP Genotyping Platforms – 
Life Technologies
SNP Genotyping Reagents – Life Technologies
Sulfur Analyzer – Horiba




Tablet Test Dissolution Baths – 
Hanson Research
Tablet Test Dissolution Software – Hanson Research
Top Loading Balance – Ohaus
Total Organic Carbon Analyzer – Teledyne Tekmar
Transdermal Systems – Hanson Research
Turbidimeters – Thermo Orion
Transcriptome Analysis – Life Technologies
Transfection Instruments and Reagents – Life Technologies




U. V. Lamps – 
ULT Freezers, -86 C – Thermo Forma
Ultracentrifuges – Beckman Coulter
UV / VIS Spectrophotometers – Thermo Scientific
UV / VIS Spectrophotometers – Beckman Coulter




Viscosity Meters – 




Water Filtration Systems – 
Thermo Barnstead
Water Distillation Equipment – Thermo Barnstead
Water Purification Systems – Thermo Barnstead
Water Deionization Systems – Thermo Barnstead
Water Baths – Thermo Barnstead
Water Baths – LabNet
Weight Sets – Ohaus
Wet Chemistry Analyzers – Seal Analytical
Western Blot Instruments – Life Technologies
Western Blot Reagents – Life Technologies
Western Blot Detection – Life Technologies
Wireless Monitoring Solutions (Smart-Vue) – Thermo Scientific