EVOS microscopes

The EVOS microscopes are developed to meet today’s expectations for image quality, user interface interactions, data generation speed and flexibility, and end-user value. The time-saving acquisition features, brilliant LED cube illumination and high-res cameras enable generation of publication-quality images and data with just a few clicks.
The EVOS microscopes systems are exceptionally versatile and ideal for a broad range of imaging applications, delivering superb images and data in no time, over time, every time at an exceptional value.

Benefits of EVOS Cell Imaging systems include:

  • Versatility and performance—choose the system that suits your lab requirements
  • Compact, ergonomic design—designed with scientist workspace and workflow needs
  • Biologist designed integrated software—acquire, annotate and analyze-segment, classify and quantitate, easily with cloud-enabled accessibility for M5000 and M7000 models.

In today’s competitive scientific environment, generating publication-quality images is critical to your success. To help ensure that you get the publication-quality images you need, EVOS systems give you top-of-the-line imaging components, including:

  • High-quality cameras and optics to capture high-resolution images
  • LED illumination to produce superior signal-to-noise ratios
  • Easy-to-use image capture and processing software for ready-to-publish images

Bioanalytical Instruments is a sales and service representative for Thermo Fisher Cell Imaging Systems in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean area.

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